Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Some background

HI, we are new to blogging. Just thought it would be fun to share our experiences with everybody that would be interested.

We are a couple in our mid 20's, been married for 5 years and have two beautiful kids, we started experimenting with sex about 3 years ago. The first time happened by accident, but since then we both enjoyed it so much that there was no turning back.

We had friends that we knew from our schooldays, the guy went to school with my husband and his GF went to school with me. We visited each other regularly, and the one night we went over to their place for some drinks. Later that night when all of us were a little drunk the guy, lets call him R , made a comment to my husband about how lucky he was to have me, and he would give anything to have someone like me for one night.

So later on R's GF decided to go to bed as she wasnt feeling very well. We were still sitting in the living room and my husband started to be a little naughty.... He accidently (on purpose) lifted my shirt to expose me to his friend to tease him. I didnt like it at first but later decided to play along.
I took off my shirt only sitting in my bra and asked R to rub my shoulders. My husband then unbuckled my bra and i took it off. My husband and i started making out, giving R a good show. It wasnt long before i was completely naked, having sex with my husband in front of R. My husband asked me if i would like to have sex with R.... At first i was a little startled and said NO. But the alcohol and the whole situation got to me and i called R over, we started kissing and my husband got up and went to sit on the sofa, watching me and R make out. It was the most erotic thing ive done ever, her i was lying naked, making out with my husbands friend (who also happened to be my best friends BF!!). I got soooo horney and wanted to feel how it would feel to have anothers guys cock inside me. I toook out his cock, wich was about the same size as my husbands (6 inches), and guided it inside me. He didnt take long before he was ready to come, i was horney as hell and wanted more! I called my husband over and R got off, the rest of the night my husband and R continued to take turn fucking me. I wasnt on birth control and we didnt use condoms, and after we were done i was so filled with cum that i just knew i would become pregnant....
The next morning we bought some morning after pills, and luckily i didnt become pregnant.

The whole experience got me and my husband talking and it opened a whole new world for us, it improved our sex life dramatically and im loving every moment of it!


illustrated212 said...

Nice story, i hope all has remained well

Jacques H said...

So exiting to read about this .. Any new updates or experiences

SA Bull

hot couple said...

nice story! wife and i been out of this stuff for 3 years after having our little boy but getting back into it slowly. We must chat.